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Retiring after 15 years service

Thursday, 12 December 2019

What Wikipedia says about retirement- Retirement is the withdrawal from one's position or occupation or from one's active working life. A person may also semi-retire by reducing work hours.

Another one of our loved and long-standing Franchisee’s is retiring. Having joined us in April 2005, 15 years later she has decided upon a new chapter in her life. Having been one of our longest serving Franchisee’s, we have shared alot and been through so much working alongside one another. Working her business around her home life and loved ones.

People have all sorts of ideas of how they picture their own retirement to be. 

We dream of retirement as a long-awaited holiday, a nirvana.

We dream of not having to set the alarm, to 'have a day off' if we fancy. Pursue that other interest we've always longed at having enough time for. To devote more time to friends and family, to read the books and see the films we've long forgotten. 

Our very own Alison Hadley of Motivation & Co. South Midlands is going to be doing just that.

At the end of 2019 she will be delivering her final Motivation & Co. session on Friday 20th December 2019. After being with Motivation & Co. for over 15 years, she is taking this opportunity to pursue hobbies and volunteer her time towards the passions she loves. Spend time with her beloved dogs and go on long walks, teach them new tricks and continue to spoil them rotten with lots of kisses and cuddles.  Alison has built such an amazing relationship with all her care homes throughout the years, many of them sending us testimonials, pictures and stories celebrating her sessions and the work that she provides through Motivation & Co. South Midlands. Alison introduced Dog Therapy into and alongside her Motivation & Co. sessions, which everyone has loved. Oscar and Milo have fit in brilliantly with our ethos and service. They have also joined us at many of our training events and meetings, bringing a smile to each of our faces.

Alison is amazing and with a heart of gold, she is always ready with a smile on her face and a listening ear. Happy to participate and get involved in any activity, throwing herself in at the deep end, ready for any challenges she might face. With a tenacious and hardworking attitude she has built a business around her loved ones, prioritising what matters to her. Alison has been winding down her business and is finally ready to commit her time to herself, her interests and her loved ones. 

We cannot think of anyone that is more deserving of all the love, admiration and thanks from all her homes that she is having to say farewell to. 

Alison, Oscar and Milo have all been amazing advocates of Motivation & Co. and we wish her all the very best, and a long, healthy and happy retirement. 

From us all at Motivation & Co. UK Ltd, Thank you Alison.  



If you’re planning on retiring, here are some pointers we’ve put together to help your wellness.

Retirement tips:

  • Plan what you’re going to do with your time. When you’ve been working very hard and you’ve been working long hours, you tend not to have had any time for hobbies.
  • Start thinking about a hobby or interest that you would like to pursue.
  • Find friends, your social circle might get smaller when you leave work. You can join a club, do an evening class, or simply invite a neighbour in for coffee.
  • Be positive and go out and do things. There are so many free things to do. When you become a retiree, you can feel like you lose your identity, but you still have so much more to give to society and contribute to others.
  • Try to grasp technology, it’s not the easiest of things but technology can really allow you to do a lot of things – it allows you to keep in touch with family all over the world and learn so many new and different things.



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